Emergency Services

Hospitals, schools, restaurants, jails, fire camps, data farms, ranches, industries of all types. Everyone needs water and when yours stops running, call us. Whether you are going to be off-line for a few hours due to a water main repair or the entire area is offline due to an earthquake or other disaster, contact the water experts at Bay Area Water Trucks to help keep you supplied.

For short term needs, we can dispatch a truck with a pump to pressurize your building and to keep coolers cooling, toilets flushing, and sinks washing. For high volume needs we can launch a fleet of tankers to create a rolling pipeline of water for you. For long term events we can drop temporary tanks or park large semi-tankers and keep them filled 24/7 for all of your water needs.

We’ve worked on the largest fires, floods and earthquakes since 1985. Our clients have included the U.S. Forest Service, The U.S. Navy, The U.S. Army, F.E.M.A, CalFire, NASA and so many more we can’t remember them all. We’re experienced in supplying fire camps and temporary operation bases with populations from 10 to over 5,000 people with all the water they need.


We are currently under call-when needed contracts for supplying both firefighting support water tenders and potable drinking water supplies to the U.S. Forest Service and Calfire. We are also available as a private firefighting resources for any private property protection needs that arise. We have a staff of experienced and trained firefighters available to provide you with private fire protection during times  of unusually high fire activities.

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